Case Study

I visit on a regular basis and always have a hard time finding the information I need even though I’m rather familiar with the site. I decided to take it upon myself to redesign the account summary and detail pages.

Pain Points:

  • The account page is hard to navigate.
  • There is too much copy and not enough graphic elements.
  • There is no clear account separation.
  • The account summary and details pages are not in line visually with homepage.


  • Simplify the pages by removing/condensing unnecessary information from the pages.
  • Add clear visuals to guide user through the page.

Chase customers looking for easy access to their account information.

Below are a few samples of other financial institution account pages:

Analysis of existing pages:

  • The primary navigation not clear enough.
  • The “upsells” like credit cards and rewards should be relegated to another area of the site.
  • Under accounts, there should be a “simplified” display with the option to “see more”.
  • The lack of color variety makes it difficult to find specific information.
  • There are too many links in sidebar.


Design (Round 1)

Feedback from Round 1:

  • Move “Switch Account” to left below account name.
  • Change “Switch Account” to “View Another Account”.
  • Change color of links under “Pay Bills” to de-emphasize them.
  • Rearrange dollar amounts at top to put focus on what’s most important.
  • Tighten space in account summary.

Design (Round 2)

Final Designs